Human hair is made of keratin, and needs nourishment. Hair products, when applied, go to the scalp and most of the time, into the hair shaft. Their primary function is to strengthen our hair follicles and enhance hair growth. For those already losing their hair, it reduces the rate at which the strands fall off. The following reasons and more are why natural products are essential. It revitalizes the growth of hair and keeps it beautiful. The best part, however, is that there are varieties from which you can choose. It’s important to know that these kind of hair products have no side effects.

This is where the Grow Natural brand comes in! We pride ourselves on producing natural hair care products that contain 100% natural organic goodness. We do not use any preservatives or harmful additives in any of our products. This of course means our creams may melt in extreme heat and re-solidify once cooled down. However this does not detract from the benefits you get from all the natural goodness!

1. Natural Hair Care Products Contain Antioxidants
Antioxidants help the body to eliminate free radicals. Many chemicals are constantly released into the hair. These chemicals have harmful effects on our skin and hair, they destroy a cell, and then they move to the next one. Antioxidants present in natural hair products include Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

2. Allergies
Chemicals and artificial hair products cause reactions in some people. Often, people do experience itches, rash, and discoloration. Natural products are without all these side effects and potential harm.

3. Anti-Aging Effect
Natural products have components that reduce the effect of aging on the hair.

4. Volume
They increase the thickness of the hair and strengthen it.

5. Elasticity
Increases the elasticity of the hair. The vitamins in these products increases collagen production. Thus, strengthening the hair which in turn, improves the elasticity of the hair

6. Repair
Natural hair care products repair the hair, especially from damage caused to hair by chemicals. Also, they prevent hair from breaking. The hair would not only recover but will become more buoyant, thicker and fuller.

7. Conditioning
Natural hair care products are the best conditioner of hair. They moisturize the hair, without leaving it heavy, or with build-up. Anyone using our products can to testify to this! Our products melt into your hair and scalp while soothing and nourishing.

8. Prevent Breakage
They prevent hair breakage due to their richness in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, strengthening the hair while improving collagen production.

9. Well Fragranced
Natural hair products tend to have a good scent that do not cause headaches and such, unlike scents from artificial hair products that are made from a mixture of chemicals. Most artificial hair care companies tend to add chemicals to chemicals just to mask the smell of the materials they used in making their products. This, when inhaled for a long time, can trigger headaches. Natural hair care products such as the Grow Natural range do not have this problem, as their fragrance is naturally occurring. They smell like the organic material used in making them!

10. Microbes
They contain substances that kill off microorganisms on your scalp and in your hair.

11. Milder On The Hair
Even though artificial hair products might seem to work faster initially, they are over time, harsh on the hair. These hair products can do real damage to the hair and hair follicles, it is best to choose natural hair products as they are mild.

12. Environment-Friendly
Chemicals from artificial products do pollute the earth. These materials go into the drain in homes and eventually ends up in the body of waters and the air. Natural hair products are made from organic materials, and so release little chemicals to the environment. The safer the earth is, the safer the people!

13. Right Blend
Natural hair products, e.g. Grow Natural brand, help to fix problems with the scalp and makes the hair fuller and thicker. You just need to find the right blend for your hair.

14. Shine and Body
They give your hair lustre and strength. You will be surprised how good your hair looks and feels after using these products.

15. Cruelty Free
The products are not tested on animals, are therefore cruelty free. Most natural hair products are from reputable companies.

16. Natural Protection
Most natural hair products have filters that prevent the hair from excessive ultraviolet radiations from the sun. Excessive sunlight heating the hair leads to breakage and shrinkage

17. Unlikely To Cause Irritations
Chemicals and artificial ingredients in hair products cause irritations in some people. Often, users can experience itching, rash, and discoloration. Natural hair products are, for the most part, without these types of reactions.

18. They Prevent Balding
Persistent use of natural hair products promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.

19. Affordable
They are affordable and a little tends to go along way.

20. Ease of Use
They are easy to use and aid your natural beauty

We have you covered! Maintain your hair with our products, nourish, grow, treat and moisturise your hair.

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