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Our winning 4-product strategy

1- Hair oil complete,   2- Hair cream O,   3- Hydra-Lise Leave-in,   4- The Electronic Hair Care guide

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At Grow Natural, we are passionate about happy and healthy hair


All of our hair creams and oils are designed with hair maintenance in mind, without any unnecessary frills or gimmicks

Stunning Results

We truly believe that haircare should be simple, trustworthy, and achieve stunning results.

All Natural

Our range is handmade from 100% organic premium ingredients with this ethos in mind.

Natures Ingredients

Explore our website and read all about our all-natural ingredients and find out how we have harnessed the power of nature to bring you truly amazing haircare.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Hi, So I am doing really good with this product. It feels great on my hair and I love massaging it into my scalp. I also love the naturalness of the product. It is light and not sticky.


The oil smells amazing! None of the sweet over powering perfumes to disguise the paraffin or alcohol ingredients that some other hair products have.


I have noticed my edges seem to be growing back, loving your product.


This product is a life saver. For months my hair has been breaking and I didn’t even know why. I started using GN products a month now and the regrowth is very encouraging, as I contemplated cutting my locs off. Thanks to GN no scissors gonna be used. I will be a regular customer as this is working 100%.


My edges are slowly coming back to life. My hair is longer and so moisturised, whereas before it was dry and breaking.


Have been using this product for a few weeks now and I already see a change in texture of my hair. It feels soft and strong and can we talk about the smell? It is so amazing! I am so happy I found this brand and can’t wait to see the results I will have in a few months. This is definitely my new favourite hair product!


It’s been under 4 weeks and my hair is shinier, softer, way less dry and brittle. Love the oil, it feels so good on my scalp and the cream is so lovely. A little really goes a long way!


I really like the hair products, they keep my hair moisturised and soft for days.


Hello, I just want to say i absolutely love your products and its so refreshing to buy products that actually work from a black owned hair business! For so long I was using products that just did nothing for my hair, made by companies that just did not understand what my hair actually needed. So thank you, I love your ethos!


I've been using your products for two months now. OMG! I only wish I had started sooner. I can see the new hairs coming through at my edges and my hair feels so soft and nourished. Will be re-ordering soon!!!


Hi good afternoon. The products are fantastic. I have definitely seen results and how different it makes my hair look and feel. Both oil and cream smell lovely. Will be ordering more soon.


I started using the oil and cream a couple of months ago. I now have a hair line. My hairdresser was able to plait it. So pleased!


My hairdresser suggested I buy a silk pillowcase some time ago to help with hair breakage. I find it difficult sleeping with a scarf or bonnet, I always find them elsewhere in the bed come morning! I received my GN silk pillowcase last week and I have to say it feels so lovely on my skin & my hair doesn't feel so dried out. Have just ordered another one for my husband!

TitilolaLovely Product

Gorgeous and soft fabric, has aided my sleep and no more bed head!

EllaLove it!

At Grow Natural, we are committed to creating haircare products from only the highest quality ingredients.

Our handmade range of vegan products are the best choice you can make for your hair health.

Beauty Care

Whether you are caring for heavily coloured and styled hair, or a natural afro, there is something in our range that will work for you and your needs.

Natural Care

Nature is truly extraordinary and holds all the answers to our haircare needs.

Suitable For All Types

All of our products utilise ancient ingredients in new and exciting ways to achieve amazing results in a variety of hair types.

True Organic Ingredients

Our entire range is designed to stimulate hair growth, and revitalise hair follicles in order to achieve fuller, stronger, and healthier hair thanks to the magic of nature.

Natural Extract

Our products are designed by an experienced pharmacist with a dedication to preserving the benefits of natural, earthly ingredients. This fusion of science and nature is what makes our products stand out.

Rich Ingredients

Our hair oils and creams are made with a signature blend of rich ingredients sourced from around the world to help you grow your hair in the healthiest, most nourishing way possible

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We talk about our products with genuine warmth, passion, and confidence in their properties, as we are talking from personal experience. The whole Grow Natural team are excited about creating the future of natural haircare and cannot wait to see our business grow with you.

About Grow Natural Store

Are your products original?

We are a small business who take great pride and care in the manufacture of all our products. As a small company, we are able to be very hands-on throughout our product design process.

Is this 100% good?

Our products naturally promote hair growth by incorporating natural ingredients that give you all the goodness your hair requires and nothing more. You will never find additives or unnecessary extras in our range. Instead you will find all-natural, all you could ever need haircare solutions.

Are all your products natural?

We use our organic hair maintenance products ourselves, because we fully believe in them. We know from first-hand experience the difference that all-natural ingredients can have on hair health and growth.

How Good is your product?

We believe firmly in Grow Natural, and everything our company stands for. Our ethos revolves around a devotion to using purely natural ingredients to grow your hair. All of our products are crafted from a fine blend of premium natural ingredients guaranteed to make a difference to your hair.

Product Enquiries

I have sensitive skin, can I still use your products and are they allergy free?

While our products are made from natural ingredients, we do acknowledge that some people suffer with allergies. Therefore please advise our clinical pharmacist of any ingredients you wish to avoid before proceeding with a purchase. Please email [email protected]

Is this 100% good?

We do not use any preservatives or harmful additives in any of our products. This of course means our creams will melt in extreme heat and re-solidify once cooled down. However this does not detract from the benefits you get from all the natural goodness. Please store our products at room temperature.

When can I expect to see results?

– Within a week you will feel an improvement in the quality of your hair

– 4-6 weeks notable growth

– 8 weeks – significant difference

– 12 weeks – health/ thickness / body.

What are the benefits of using your natural products?

Hair is an organic material which requires nourishment in the same way we consume food to revitalise our body. Our Hair products will provide this rejuvenation.