GN Beard Oil 100ml


Designed for all the men that like to be described as distinguished, well groomed and sharp.

Strong, healthy and masculine, the GN Beard Oil is formulated to soften your beard, revitalise the skin beneath and provide long-term nourishment. This ultra nourishing formula is free from parabens, silicones, artificial colourings and fragrances. Made with powerful deep conditioning oils that nurture dry skin, fight beard itch, adds lustre, shine and strength.

We have formulated an incredible, all natural beard oil that will help your beard grow softer, stronger and thicker. GN Beard Oil is packed with multiple all natural nourishing ingredients  that will penetrate hair follicles to increase nutrient absorption.

Our all natural ingredients will:

  • give your skin a soft velvety feel
  • nourish and coat hair shaft and detangle
  • improve elasticity
  • minimise breakage
  • reduce dandruff and seborrhoea
  • UV protection

Unlike most beard oil products which only come in 10ml – 30ml sizes, we offer you over triple the capacity at 100ml, giving you value for money. Say goodbye to an itchy, irritating beard and say hello to the best beard you’ve ever had!




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