Black Unisex Silky Durag


Unisex Premium Durag
Both men and women wear durags as a fashion statement or for the simple purpose of keeping their hair tidy. Durags are also popular for those who want to maintain their 360 waves as it keeps them flat and in place. Keeping your hair covered with a durag at night stops oil from your hair making it onto your face and your pillow which prevents pore clogging and breakouts. Sleeping with your hair unwrapped can also cause breakage when hairs get caught on the fabric of your pillowcase as you move around at night. Wearing a durag to sleep is extremely helpful for those who are trying to grow their hair back after serious hair loss due to the use of chemical treatments, chemotherapy, or heredity-pattern baldness.
Benefits of wearing a durag:
  • help minimise hair loss by minimising friction of your hair against your pillow
  • protect and preserve new hair growth
  • protect against excessive hair loss due to abrasion
  • prevent tangling and breakage
  • preserves hairstyle
  • prevents blemishes and breakouts
  • prevent frizz
  • excellent partner tool for overnight hair treatments


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